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32 New Year Resolution Ideas to Make 2015 Super Shiny!


I was going to write a brand new list of resolution ideas this year but after reviewing last year’s list I realised it was so comprehensive that I’ve decided to just share it with you again. Even if you’ve tried some of the ideas, there are bound to be others you haven’t. And if you [...]

Introducing the Chakras


Most people don’t know much about chakras.  Of those who do, many dismiss talk of chakras as bunkum and criticise those who concentrate on chakra healing as charlatans. Yet Hindu and Buddhist doctrine introduced traditional yogis and Buddhists to their existence and importance to our overall physical and mental health.  And these days, a great deal of [...]

A Goat Taught Me A Lesson in Leadership


I learnt a few things about leadership in the highly competitive and corporate environment of the law firms, corporations and government departments of my 20’s and early 30’s. These lessons came from the experience of supervising junior employees and from being led by various levels of middle and upper management. But, surprisingly, one of the most [...]

Use Unrequited Love to Become More Desirable – in 3 Simple Steps

Use Your Crush for Personal Growth

So you have been watching this girl / guy for sometime now.  You fancy them like crazy and think about them all the time.  All the clichés are happening to you.  Anytime you hear their name you can’t help but smile and your stomach does a flip.  Everything they do is perfect.  Their smile is [...]

Kambo Healing – Can Frog Poison Fix All Your Problems?

Can this frog cure all our problems?

I first heard about Kambo (aka Kambô) when I was on a yoga retreat in Dharamsala. On this retreat, I met an interesting woman from Surinam.  As an aside, she told me she had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.  One of her personalities was quite a character: loud, charismatic and hilarious. I noticed that she [...]

Why is Everybody Drinking Yerba Mate?

The Yerba Mate Sensation – Join it!

I have noticed a growing trend amongst friends in Australia and the USA where Yerba Mate is considered to be a bit of an edgy “it” drink.  I have no issue with this because it sure beats a can of Red-noxious-chemical-Bull for an energy boost, yet I find its fashion status a bit funny because [...]

Could this be the Meaning of Life?

Your Heart’s Desire

What is the Meaning of Life? One rainy Sunday when I was a child I noticed a book on my parents’ bookshelf called “The Meaning of Life”.  It was a small, shiny and black hardback.  I was immediately annoyed that I had been wasting time reading fluff like Anne of Green Gables when this treasure [...]

32 New Year Resolution Ideas to Make 2014 Super Shiny!

Get Shiny in 2014!

Here is some inspiration for you in case you want to plan some New Year’s Resolutions but aren’t sure where to start. The trick is to find something that falls into one of these 5 categories: Create a stress-free version of yourself. Do something nice for others. Make yourself healthier, feel stronger, better and more [...]

The “New Year’s Resolution Smoothie”

Get your beet on!

Most New Year resolutions are tricky to stick to, so why make life hard? My thinking is that if you find something that you really love doing which is pretty easy and also really great for you, it will be a breeze to commit to.  Make a healthy treat into a New Years’ Resolution and [...]

Feeling Corny – some surprising health benefits of corn

Corn is great

Corn on the cob – it is easy to prepare, fun to eat and delicious.  Kids love it.  It is a great addition to the BBQ in Summer.  Best of all, it is good for you.  So do yourself a favour and get some (organic) corn! Tummy Health Corn is a very convenient source of [...]