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About me

My name is Layla and here I share with you the secrets I have learned over the years from Shiny People.

Are you wondering, hey, who are Shiny People?  Well, I believe a shiny person is someone very special who displays an effortless grace and beauty in all that they do.  Someone who instinctively “gets it right”.  Usually such people radiate with glorious health but even when they do not, they still always have a twinkle in their eye or a sparkle to their smile – as though their light from within is bursting to show itself.

I have been fortunate enough to meet many shiny people in my life, from some with just a little sheen to others who could light up a dark room with the glory of their presence.

The real secret of Shiny People though is that all of us are Shiny People on the inside.  This blog offers some tips I have observed from inspiring souls around the world to help let your own light shine for all to see.