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Feeling Corny – some surprising health benefits of corn

Corn is great

Corn on the cob – it is easy to prepare, fun to eat and delicious.  Kids love it.  It is a great addition to the BBQ in Summer.  Best of all, it is good for you.  So do yourself a favour and get some (organic) corn!

Tummy Health

Corn is a very convenient source of insoluble fibre.  It really cleans the gut which means it can be a great choice for people suffering from constipation and haemorroids.  It contains around 4.6 grams of fibre per cup.

Recent studies by Stewart ML, Nikhanj SD, Timm DA have shown that chompin’ corn promotes friendly bacteria in the large intestine and this is good news for everyone.

It also contains all of these anti-oxidants:

  • anthocyanins
  • beta-carotene
  • ferulic acid
  • syringic acid
  • vanillic acid
  • caffeic acid
  • coumaric acid
  • protocatechuic acid
  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin


Lutein and zeaxanthin mentioned above are naturally occurring chemicals which are said to improve vision.

High in Protein

Corn contains around 5-6 grams of protein per cup!

Keeping steady blood sugar levels

Because it is high in fibre and protein, corn is also good for maintaing stable blood sugar levels.

Vitamin B

Corn is high in vitamin B – particularly B1, B5 and folic acid.  Vitamin B is important for energy, good mood and dealing with stress.

How best to prepare my corn?

Corn is not any higher in calories than an apple and contains a lot less sugar.  However, as with baked potatoes, the problem is that people tend to add toppings and spreads and salt which make these foods less healthy.

The easiest and best way to enjoy your corn on the cob is just to simply steam it in a metal or bamboo steamer.  This way you enjoy the full natural taste and the corn will be juicy enough that you won’t need to add butter if you don’t want to.

At a BBQ?  Most people bring meat or salad.  But if you remember to pick up a bunch of ears of corn, you will be the star of the event.  Who doesn’t want to be handed a hot juicy corn on the cob?  Just wrap your corn in foil with a daube of butter and BBQ it to yummy perfection.  You can mix garlic and cayenne pepper into the butter for a little kick of flavour.

Make sure to go organic when it comes to corn

Not to alarm anyone but genetically modified corn often has had a bacterium known as Bacillus thurigiensis spliced into it to enable the corn to produce its own pesticide.  Some scientists believe this bacterium can survive in the human gut and heavily interfere with human health.

Of course, with any issue of this nature, the opinions are divergent.  But it may be better to be safe than sorry and organic tastes better anyway, so you may prefer to choose organic wherever possible.

Picture: kkarden

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