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Introducing the Chakras

Most people don’t know much about chakras.  Of those who do, many dismiss talk of chakras as bunkum and criticise those who concentrate on chakra healing as charlatans.

Yet Hindu and Buddhist doctrine introduced traditional yogis and Buddhists to their existence and importance to our overall physical and mental health.  And these days, a great deal of the younger generations are receptive to the idea of chakras.

I don’t claim to know the truth because none of us can be sure, but I can tell you that the work I’ve done with chakras has been very beneficial to me so I believe the theories are valid.

But even if chakra work has no more than a placebo effect, if you’re feeling unhealthy or unsettled or in need of some form of solace or rejuvenation, what have you got to lose by finding out more about chakras?

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes throughout the body.  They exist in the realm of our “subtle body” at the points where the nadis (channels which transport our prana or energy or life-force) meet.

Where are they found in the body?

There are many (thousands in fact!) but 7 main chakras have been recognised since Shatkism became popular in the 1920’s.

We are supposed to start from the feet and work our way up to the head when performing chakra work (so as to not overwhelm the upper chakras) so here they are in order:

1) The Root Chakra

2) The Sacral Chakra

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra

4) The Heart Centre Chakra

5) The Throat Chakra

6) The Third Eye Chakra

7) The Crown Chakra

Why should I be interested?

Ever wondered why some people are very old and wrinkly or have features which are not supposed to look nice yet, overall, they are astoundingly BEAUTIFUL!  Yet others are young and have all the right facial features and smooth skin but they just look dull, uninteresting and unattractive. How does that happen?

Someone can come across as very confident and kind and happy, yet, you can feel very uncomfortable in their presence as though there is something sinister lurking beneath the surface.  Why would that be?

You can feel ill and tired but then attend a group yoga class or meditation session and be inexplicably filled with fantastic light and bright energy by the time you leave. Conversely, hanging around certain people can be draining and make you feel heavy and lethargic.

We all know that a bad mood can be contagious.  So can a good mood. Animals and small children like some people but shy away from others.

Even the most staid and conservative people might pepper phrases like “good energy”, “positive person”, “negative feelings” etc into their speech even though they are not aware of the source of their observations.

And this list of weirdness goes on and on.

We just don’t know the answers to a lot of this, but, as you get more and more attuned to the chakras, you can start to make sense of these strange phenomenon.  You will notice for yourself that people with balanced and healthy chakras are magnetic and pleasant to be around and people with blocks or overactive chakras will suffer a range of problems which overflow to those around them.

And you will learn that the more balanced your chakras are, neither blocked or too open, the more your life will flow in the way you want it to.

And if your life is working better and you are feeling nicer and in control of your emotions, scientific proof doesn’t seem so important.

Stay tuned for my upcoming 7-part series in which I take you through each of the 7 main chakras, explaining what each centre governs and share a few cool mediation techniques to balance the chakras with you.

Namaste pilgrim!


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