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Positive things you didn’t know about Negative Ions!


What are negative ions? Have you ever noticed how ridiculously good you feel after swimming in the ocean with the waves crashing around you?  Or after washing in a gentle waterfall?  Or why you feel exhilarated when it rains after a week of hot and stuffy weather?  Or the reason your stress levels plummet when [...]

My Hypnobirthing Freak Out


Why Did I Want to Try Hypnobirthing? I’d like to grow into a highly conscious person.  I’m definitely not there yet but I am generally trying to move in a forward direction.  So this article may not speak to you if you have surpassed my level of human flaws but it might if you are [...]

Children learn what they live

Make Your Baby Feel Loved

I recently came across this beautiful poem after it was handed out by the coordinator of my mothers’ group.  I have placed it on the wall of my daughter’s bedroom as a little reminder of the right way to nurture my beloved bean and I share it with you in case you wish to do [...]

Harness the Power of your Period


Menstrual cramps and the all-over body weakness and tension suffered by some women during their period can be an all-consuming experience. The causes can be serious and some require medical attention such as endometriosis and fibroids.  However, if you have received professional advice that there is no medical condition causing your period pain, you may [...]

Which Dosha are You? Find out and enter a new world of well being

Increase your glow

 I am here going to give a shamelessly potted account of the three constitutional types in Ayurdevic Medicine with tips for each. Bear in mind that it takes YEARS to understand this science.  After all, Ayurdevic Medicine is an incredibly complex ancient discipline supported by intricate theories and comprising miniscule detail.  I could not hope to [...]

Sweet Dreams – makeover your routine to wake feeling totally refreshed

Sleep better

There is nothing nicer than waking up feeling great.  And by spending just a little time each evening to get prepared for a good night’s sleep, you can dramatically increase your chances of waking up on the right side of the bed. Air it out Make sure you have some source of fresh air in [...]

What I think Buddha would say about Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation critic

My introduction to Vipassana Meditation I attended a 10-day S.N. Goenka Vipassana meditation retreat in the countryside of Victoria in late 2011. I had been attracted to trying out a Vipassana course after three of the shiniest people I have met around the world told me they had completed a couple of these courses.  It [...]

Yeast-Free Detox – deep cleanse your tummy

Detox your body

Why the need to go yeast-free? Like many travellers, I contracted a very nasty stomach illness in India a couple of years ago.  I spent time in the rather worryingly named “Vintage Hospital” in Goa.  Vintage dresses: good.  Vintage wine: good.  Vintage hospital?  Not so good. I spent a week on IV antibiotics and lost [...]

The 10 Minute Miracle – the simple meditation that worked wonders for me

Best easy meditation

A Very Simple Chakra Meditation for Beginners When I was 22 years old I was going through a difficult breakup.  I had lost quite a lot of weight, had terrible insomnia and felt very blue.  I went to a naturopath who gave me a few great tips such as drinking hot water with cayenne pepper, [...]

Neti – flushing your problems away with a daily nasal rinse

Benefits of doing Neti

It sounds kind of ridiculous but the simple act of washing your nasal passage can make an enormous difference to your health and mental wellbeing. The reasoning behind this is based on the traditional principles of yoga.  In fact, traditional yogis consider jalna neti to be as important to basic hygiene of the body as [...]