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The 10 Minute Miracle – the simple meditation that worked wonders for me

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A Very Simple Chakra Meditation for Beginners

When I was 22 years old I was going through a difficult breakup.  I had lost quite a lot of weight, had terrible insomnia and felt very blue.  I went to a naturopath who gave me a few great tips such as drinking hot water with cayenne pepper, lemon juice, grated ginger and honey and drinking a tea made from the anti-fungal bark, Pau D’Arco.

But the main thing this naturopath did to help me was to introduce me to a miraculous and simple 10-minute chakra meditation which has improved every aspect of my life.

I would notice that any day I practiced this meditation I would feel amazing and the universe around me would be in a state of ease and harmony.  I urge you to try it for yourself.

The more frequently you practice this meditation, the longer you will want to spend on each stage to deepen the effectiveness of the practice.


Lie down in a comfortable place with no distractions.  Breathe in feelings of calm and breathe out feelings of tension.  Visualise roots growing out of your feet and picture the roots planting themselves firmly in the Earth beneath your feet like a big solid tree.


Now see the colour red.  It fills your legs, feet and bottom.  Imagine everything red that you can think of.  Tomatoes, sunsets, red dresses, strawberries, blood, red balloons, dark red, light red, every red.  Feel red right throughout your body.  Everything is RED.  Spend as long as you like doing this until you feel the colour red has spread out from your lower body to permeate your entire being.


Now see the colour orange fill your tummy and sex organs.  Oranges, orange juice, orange cotton sheets, orange hair, orange flowers, orange plastic, orange, orange, orange!  Everything in your body and mind is now orange.


Now see the colour yellow radiating from your diaphragm.  Bright sunshine, warm lamps, fields of daffodils, baby chickens, bananas, yellow, yellow, yellow!  Everything in your body and mind is now yellow.


Now see the colour green fill your heart.  Now it is everywhere.  Green grass.  Smell the grass.  Green leaves, green vegetables, green frogs, green, green, green!  Everything in your body and mind is now green.  You are green!


Now see the colour turquoise in your thyroid gland (in your neck).  It is all around you and within you.  Turquoise stones, turquoise waters on a tropical beach.  Bright and vibrant, turquoise is everywhere.  You have become the colour turquoise.


Now imagine the colour purple.  It covers your face.  You feel it in your third eye.  Dark purple grapes, dark purple wine, dark purple fabric – it is all around you.


See the colour maroon fill the crown of your head.  You feel the richness of this colour in every cell of your body.


Now your body has been every vital colour.  Your chakras are pumped.  They are pulsating with energy.  They are almost overloaded!  Time to reset the body with some healing white light.  See a sparkling white / silver light from outside of the body touch the crown of your head.  You now feel that white light wash away each of the 8 colours:

  • First it washes clean all of the maroon.  No more maroon.  Just white light.
  • Next it washes clean all of the indigo.  There is not a touch of indigo left in the body.
  • Now the healing white light washes all of the turquoise clean away.
  • Feel the white light remove every aspect of green from your body.
  • Next the white light washes the yellow out of you.
  • Now the white light takes away the orange.
  • Finally feel all of the red in your body replaced by white light.
  • You are white light.  Nothing but pure white light.


You feel the roots in your feet grounded in the Earth and slowly return to awareness of the outside world.

This is slightly different from most chakra meditations because most concentrate on the traditionally recognised predominant 7 energy centers most commonly represented by the colours red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, purple, white.  I intend to write a number of posts dealing with more traditional chakra clearing methods but wanted to share this very simple beginners chakra meditation with you the way it was taught to me – and it works beautifully so why mess with it?

Get ready for an amazing day!  Try it out and let me know if you had a better day than usual.

Picture credit: RHiNO NEAL 

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